Cat costa ?

Serviciile noastre includ manopera in pret.

ServiciuModelPret (LEI)
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S5210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S6210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S7210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S6 edge350
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S7 edge350
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S8300
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S8 plus300
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S9500
Schimbare sticlaSamsung S9 plus550
Schimbare sticlaSamsung Note 8500
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J3 2016 J310210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J5 2015 J500210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J5 2016 j510210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J5 2017 J530210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J7 2015 J700210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J7 2016 J710210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung J7 2017 J730210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung A5 2015 A500210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung A5 2016 A510210
Schimbare sticlaSamsung A5 2017 A520210
Schimbare sticlaIphone 6150
Schimbare sticlaIphone 6s150
Schimbare sticlaIphone 7150
Schimbare sticlaIphone 8200
Schimbare sticlaIphone X450
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S5210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S6210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S7210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S6 edge350
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S7 edge350
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S8300
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S8 plus300
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S9500
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung S9 plus550
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung Note 8500
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J3 2016 J310210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J5 2015 J500210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J5 2016 j510210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J5 2017 J530210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J7 2015 J700210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J7 2016 J710210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung J7 2017 J730210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung A5 2015 A500210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung A5 2016 A510210
Inlocuire sticlaSamsung A5 2017 A520210
Inlocuire sticlaIphone 6150
Inlocuire sticlaIphone 6s150
Inlocuire sticlaIphone 7150
Inlocuire sticlaIphone 8200
Inlocuire sticlaIphone X550
Inlocuire displaySamsung S5200
Inlocuire displaySamsung S6510
Inlocuire displaySamsung S7590
Inlocuire displaySamsung S6 edge610
Inlocuire displaySamsung S7 edge980
Inlocuire displaySamsung S8750
Inlocuire displaySamsung S8 plus750
Inlocuire displaySamsung S9850
Inlocuire displaySamsung S9 plus850
Inlocuire displaySamsung Note 8900
Inlocuire displaySamsung J3 2016 J310280
Inlocuire displaySamsung J5 2015 J500250
Inlocuire displaySamsung J5 2016 j510300
Inlocuire displaySamsung J5 2017 J530350
Inlocuire displaySamsung J7 2015 J700350
Inlocuire displaySamsung-J7 2016 J710350
Inlocuire displaySamsung J7 2017 J730430
Inlocuire displaySamsung A5 2015 A500350
Inlocuire displaySamsung A5 2016 A510400
Inlocuire displaySamsung A5 2017 A520400
Inlocuire displayIphone 6200
Inlocuire displayIphone 6s300
Inlocuire displayIphone 7400
Inlocuire displayIphone 8800
Inlocuire displayIphone X1200
Schimbare displaySamsung S5520
Schimbare displaySamsung S6520
Schimbare displaySamsung S7600
Schimbare displaySamsung S6 edge800
Schimbare displaySamsung S7 edge850
Schimbare displaySamsung S8750
Schimbare displaySamsung S8 plus750
Schimbare displaySamsung S9850
Schimbare displaySamsung S9 plus850
Schimbare displaySamsung Note 8900
Schimbare displaySamsung J3 2016 J320250
Schimbare displaySamsung J5 2015 J500240
Schimbare displaySamsung J5 2016 j510270
Schimbare displaySamsung J5 2017 J530330
Schimbare displaySamsung J7 2015 J700290
Schimbare displaySamsung-J7 2016 J710290
Schimbare displaySamsung J7 2017 J730410
Schimbare displaySamsung A5 2015 A500350
Schimbare displaySamsung A5 2016 A510400
Schimbare displaySamsung A5 2017 A520400
Schimbare displayIphone 6200
Schimbare displayIphone 6s250
Schimbare displayIphone 7350
Schimbare displayIphone 8650
Schimbare displayIphone X1000

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